Professional Treatment Services has its clinic located in Lawrence, Kansas.


Professional Treatment Services, PTS, is located at 3205 Clinton Parkway Court, Lawrence, Kansas 66047, just blocks west and south of the University of Kansas. Lawrence, Kansas, home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks, is rich in cultural, sporting, and leisure activities.

Lawrence, Kansas is located just 30 miles west of Kansas City, Kansas, a major metropolitan area, and 25 miles east of Topeka, Kansas, the Capitol of Kansas. Lawrence is easily accessible from Kansas City on either Highway 70 or Highway 10 and also from Topeka, Kansas via Highway 70. Kansas City International Airport services all major airlines in the United States and abroad and is only 45 minutes from Professional Treatment Services offices. 

While attending the PTS outpatient programs, clients within driving distance are able to live at home. If attending the PTS program from outside the Northeast Kansas area, clients can stay in one of the many off-site hotels or furnished residential living options of Lawrence, Kansas. 

Hotel Options Include:


The Eldridge Hotel
701 Massachusetts St.
Lawrence, Kansas 

Holiday Inn Express
3411 SW Iowa
Lawrence, Kansas 

Hampton Inn & Suites
2300 W. 6th Street
Lawrence, Kansas 

Spring Hill Marriott
6th and New Hampshire
Lawrence, Kansas 

Apartment Options Include:

Executive Residences


Professional Treatment Services, LLC

PTS - Lawrence
3205 Clinton Parkway Court
Lawrence, KS 66047
(P) 785-843-5483
(F) 785-841-5433