Professional Treatment Services, LLC believes in providing the highest quality treatment services at a reasonable cost. In an effort to provide individualized treatment the duration and intensity of treatment is different for everyone. Treatment duration and intensity is determined using American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria which takes into account many variables including; the longevity and severity of substance abuse, social supports, relationship problems, stressors and motivation to change. Listed below are the various levels of treatment offered at Professional Treatment Services, LLC and estimated cost and duration of those services. Please keep in mind that duration and cost of treatment are estimates and may be modified throughout the treatment process based on individual needs. Also, please note that Professional Treatment Services, LLC bills only for services rendered.

*The estimated costs listed below do not take into account insurance or other sources of funding. * As a courtesy to our clients, a staff member at Professional Treatment Services, LLC will verify the substance abuse and/or mental health benefits available through your private insurance carrier. Based on the benefits received from your insurance carrier a staff member at Professional Treatment Services, LLC will create a written estimate of the client's total out of pocket treatment expense or the expected cost of treatment to the client after insurance benefits have been applied.


  • Basic Assessments are $135.00
  • DUI/Court Assessments are $150 (Set by Kansas Statute)
  • Professional/Forensic/Character and Fitness Assessments are $400

Level I and Level II Chemical and/or Behavioral Addiction Programs

Level I Outpatient Program

  • Including 48 hours of group treatment and 8 individual sessions over 8 weeks.
  • Total Estimated Cost of Level I Outpatient Treatment: $2720.00

Level II Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Including 72 Hours of group treatment and 8 individual appointments over 8 weeks.
  • Total Estimated Cost of Level II Intensive Outpatient Treatment: $3680.00

Early Recovery Program

  • Includes a 1 hour group per week, focused on relapse prevention following stabilization treatment.
  • Early Recovery services are $34.00 out of pocket for each one hour group session.

Adolescent Treatment Program

  • Includes 32 hours of group treatment and 6 individual sessions over the course of 6 weeks.
  • Total Estimated Cost of Adolescent Treatment Program: $2080.00

Alcohol and Drug Information School

  • Includes 8 hours of education on one day, typically the first Friday of the month.
  • Total Estimated Cost of Alcohol and Drug Information School: $100 out of pocket due at the time service is rendered

Comprehensive Care Option

  • All inclusive treatment services for one 12 month period offered at a flat out of pocket fee.
  • Includes family sessions, individual sessions, group sessions, early recovery sessions, and urinalysis screenings
  • Total Estimated Cost for Comprehensive Care Option: $3500.00

Psychotherapy Services

  • Includes individual, family and/or couples sessions.
  • Total Estimated Cost for Psychotherapy Services: $50.00/half hour; $100.00/hour

Additional Out of Pocket Expenses

  • Standard urinalysis drug screen: $8.00 per test
  • Late Cancellation/Same Day Cancellations: 50% of billable charge
  • Medical Records Requests: $35.00 + $.10 per page
  • Expert Testimony: $150/hour plus round trip mileage at the current state approved rate.

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