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7/28/2017:  The Serenity Model of Recovery and Use of the Anxiety/Biofeedback Learning Loop (ABLL Protocol) for Relapse Prevention.


Presented by Duane Olberding, LSCSW, LCAC, Executive Director of Professional Treatment Services, LLC


The Serenity Model of Recovery is a unifying theory and conceptual framework for enhancing the understanding of substance use and behavioral disorders, and how these disorders may best be treated. Patients can utilize The Serenity Model of Recovery to identify areas of concern and actively formulate strategies to cope with anxiety, the primary driving force of distressing or troubling substance use and behavioral health disorders. For clinical applications, “Serenity” is operationalized as the global reduction in anxiety, or “brain pain.” The Model then bridges between everyday experiences of anxiety and the foundational etiology of addiction.

The Serenity Model of Recovery offers a vanguard type of understanding to the field of addiction treatment, while supplying a model of recovery and relapse prevention that is both comprehensive, yet flexible and able to be partialized. For instance, The Anxiety/Biofeedback Learning Loop (ABLL Protocol) is a practical, interactive, and didactic method of teaching patients how to recognize and measure anxiety at the levels of both psychogenic and physiologic response (across the brain and body). The central skills derived from the ABLL Protocol are then used to train the patient to identify and draw distinctions across the many levels throughout which anxiety is produced and brought to awareness (e.g., the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual causes). With this knowledge, practical behavior modification skills can be implemented by the patient with the goal of preventing relapse and thriving in a serene recovery life.        


Objectives: The participant will:

1. Gain a foundation of understanding of the Serenity Model of Recovery.

2. Learn biofeedback and other relaxation methods that can be used in conjunction with the Anxiety/BioFeedback Learning Loop to assist the patient in recognizing one’s own anxiety and how to quantify experiences of anxiety in meaningful ways.

3. Learn to recognize one’s own biological, psychological, social, and spiritual causes of anxiety and how to modify thinking and behavior to alleviate brain pain.  

CEU's: 2 Hours; Cost: free; Sign-in at 1:30pm






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